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Posted By: UtilityWarrior   6/24/2007 5:32:00 AM
Royalty Free PDF Chart Creator Dynamic Link Library (DLL)

If you want to create bar charts, pie charts, line charts or area charts as PDFs royalty free then this Dynamic Link Library (DLL) is for you.

The PDF Chart Creator DLL gives you full control over all aspects of the chart including page size, colors, axes, titles, labels, positioning, legends etc. All you have to do is supply the data and optionally change the default settings and the chart automatically adapts to fit the page based on your settings.

Because the charts are produced as PDF they are scalable and resolution independent so they can be viewed and zoomed without any "blockyness" or "jaggies" appearing. They also look great printed even at very high printer resolutions.

You may be surprised at how small the file size of each PDF Chart Creator document is (typically around 3Kb) – this is because the PDF Chart Creator DLL has been carefully written so that it optimizes the output to produce extremely small PDF file sizes.

Why not take a look at which has an example of every chart type and style currently available.

Now supports the automatic calculation and display of various numerical analyses including "line of best fit" (which uses linear regression) and "moving average".

For full details and to download the DLL please visit - this is free to download and try and no details are required in order to access the ZIP file.

Best regards,
The Utility Warrior Team

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