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Posted By: stevebrad   5/15/2006 8:13:00 AM
USB Camera video streaming through internet
Hi everyone:

I m doing a project named telerobot. I need to solve the client-server problem.

My case...
There is 2 terminal, client and server. Server is connected to a USB camera and a robot which will doing something according to the command received from client.

My problem...

1. Is it possible to use Java programming (video through applet) to streaming the video from USB camera (server) to client over internet? they are basically 2 PC connected to internet. Please help .. or maybe others easier programming language could be use..VB...?

2. That is OK to request client to install the video-viewing program available from host..But it is possible to create a user interface with commandbutton + videostreaming display through internet browser? (means no need installation of specified program)

Capture video and image from USB camera is available in sun forum, but how about streaming through internet?

please give some guide on how to program it..
video streaming directly from server to client, without upload to ftp, need any technique?

please help...

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