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Posted By: Sugan   6/2/2006 6:27:00 AM
Hi all,

I have a ToolStripMenu in my application. I would like to change the
cusor from default to help cursor when i click on a item in the
ToolStripMenu. I was successfully able to change the cusor, but when
moved the cursor on certain items, the cursor again changes to default.
When moved away from such items, cursor changes to help cursor. I later
found that the help cursor remains unchanged for items which has help
for those items are enabled.

So when i move the help cursor to a toolstripmenu item, cursor changes
to default cursor. I would like to know how to avoid this change in
cursor when moved to toolstripmenu item as there is no property to
enable help for a toolstripmenu item.

I would appreciate your help in this regard.



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