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Posted By: angpy   5/7/2006 1:28:00 PM
Reply To: angpy who posted...
alright, as far as i known, there are infrared class library for .NET Compact Framework, but for normal .NET framework, I dun think it has, am I rite?
Actually I'm trying to design two application between Mobile Device and Desktop. I wish to use the Infrared to send data from one another between desktop and mobile device.
When I call the Infrared class as reference in mobile application, there is no prob, but when i move to normal desktop/pc application, i did the same way to call the infrared reference but i add the reference from the recent reference tab, i guess tat must be the prob occur rite?
basically how to call the infrared in normal windows application? Is it the same as in smart device application?
thanks for ur reply, =)

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