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Posted By: Akemis   6/1/2007 12:53:00 PM
Reply To: najib who posted...
I'm am addicted to creation, I aways want to learn new things even do I dont know a lot (sorry about my English) , I'm from brazil, came to Canada in February , I'm working as a designer in a little town, Saint John.
My dream is to make an animation movie, and create an entery world of RPG game.
I like waffles ,and love honey cereals .
I'm starting to do Karate, I use to ride horses (I was jumping 1,10m and going to 1,20m), Sail (Hobbycat 18), play soccer, tennis, handball, but what I really love to do in my time free, is to day dream.
I love Anime and I already sow more than 100 titles.

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